Testimonials in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

‘My new eyebrows have changed my life thank you!’
Jan Cox

‘No more pencil I can swim and sunbath without worrying!’
Sue Brown

‘Travelled here especially to have my tattoo done by Caron as she is warm, welcoming and professional. Many thanks.’ 

‘Love my eyebrows – thank you Caron, you are so talented. No more drawing in the eyebrows each day and during the day! Yippee!’ 

‘You’ve come such a long way, Well done! Very proud of you.’
Teresa Cross

‘First class treatment from a very special team of professionals, thank you so much.’
Marilyn Whittle

‘Caron what would I do without you! You have really looked after me, and the staff have always been great!’ 
Dee Sparrow

‘Caron is an example to all women. A lovely atmosphere and professional attitude by everyone.’
Susie Keen

‘Very pleased with treatment and end product.’

‘Everyone is so very professional, keep up the good work!’
C. Snooks

‘Fantastic place, very friendly and welcoming staff! Enjoyed music, warmth and hospitality. Many thanks!’

‘It has been astonishing. A new experience at my age is hard to come by. I am very very happy…’