Semi-Permanent Lip Liner

A complete guide to semi-permanent lip liner enhancement and cosmetic procedures that can enhance your lips.

Semi Permanent Lip LinerA pair of sensual and full lips can help to bring your facial features into balance, as well as giving you a more youthful appearance.

While many women turn to lip glosses, lipsticks, lip liners and limp plumpers to add definition to their lips, this only provides a temporary solution to their needs, and will need to be repeated as part of a daily make-up routine.

A semi-permanent lip liner procedure can help to provide a longer lasting alternative, adding volume and colour to your lips, for a look that will stay true, day after day.

How will I benefit from a semi-permanent lip liner procedure?

Semi-Permanent Lip LinerLip enhancement helps to give you the perfect pout you’ve always dreamed of; giving you added confidence whether you are at work, rest or play.

Lip enhancement can also help to add to what you already have, whether you have full lips that simply need to be tinted or thinner lips that need an extra boost to help them stand out.

In addition, as our lips get thinner as we age, lip enhancement can also help older women to restore their lips to their original state, helping them to feel and look younger.

Semi-permanent lip liner: What can I expect from the procedure?

Semi-Permanent Lip LinerOur fully qualified micro pigmentation specialist Caron will be on hand to talk you through every step of the procedure, starting with a free no obligation consultation to discuss your needs.

Whether you want to use semi-permanent make-up to redefine your lip line, or to apply lip blush across your lips in shades ranging from natural pink to a deeper red, Caron will work with you to create a striking, yet natural, look for your lips.

During the consultation you will also get to see before and after pictures of procedures to give you a clear idea of the finished look.

The procedure is then divided into two 45 minute to 1 hour sessions, and a topical anaesthetic cream will be used to numb the area, ensuring that the procedure is painless.

Once the treatment is complete Caron will apply antiseptic soothing cream to the treated area, and you will be given both a sachet of Vaseline and an aftercare sheet, giving you all the information you need to care for your lips.

If you have any questions during the after-care stage you can contact the office during opening hours and we will be more than happy to help.

The second part of your procedure will then be booked for 4-6 weeks after your first appointment.

Why should I choose Features for Life for my semi-permanent lip liner procedure?

Semi-Permanent Lip LinerWith 20 years of experience carrying out micro pigmentation procedures for surgeons both private and within the NHS Caron will use her extensive expertise and commitment to client care to provide you with a professional lip enhancement procedure that fully meets your needs.

Caron has also been successfully carrying out the procedure for thousands of women in the Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire areas for many years.

How much does the semi-permanent procedure cost?

Semi-permanent lip liner will help make your lips speak volumes for you. Prices start at £400.

If you are considering using semi-permanent makeup to enhance your lips and give them a much needed lift, contact us today to discuss your lip enhancement procedures.

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