Permanent Make-Up Benefits

Permanent Make-Up Benefits Permanent make-up benefits women and men who want to feel great about their appearance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the need for daily maintenance. In the capable hands of our micro-pigmentation specialist and features director Caron, Features for Life clients have experienced dramatic results from their permanent make-up procedures giving them a flawless and natural enhancement that stays with them day after day. In just 2 hours or less permanent make-up procedures, from semi-permanent lip liner to scar camouflage, will make a real difference to both your appearance and self-esteem, allowing you to face the world feeling and looking your best.

What are some of the permanent make-up benefits for my lifestyle?

There are a number of permanent make-up benefits, all of which will have a positive impact on your lifestyle. Time saving: Many people lead busy lifestyles with commitments at work and home, leaving them with little time to spend on themselves. Permanent make-up allows you to save valuable time each day, that would otherwise have been spent carefully applying traditional or camouflage make-up. This time can then be spent doing the things that you enjoy whether that’s a lunch date with friends or taking up childhood hobby. Practical: Whatever the occasion or time of day you can be assured that your permanent make-up will stay perfectly in place. Whether you are working up a sweat at an aerobics class, or completing a few calorie burning laps at your local swimming pool, your permanent make-up can put rest to any fears of your make-up smudging once and for all. If you are planning a holiday abroad, the list of permanent make-up benefits are endless, and include the fact that you won’t have to pare down your make-up bag to fit in with any carry-on luggage restrictions. An investment with visible returns: The cost of make-up products can soon mount up over the years, especially if you are a fan of designer or high-end brands. With figures showing that women splash out a staggering figure of £2,000 a year on make-up, permanent make-up procedures, which start at just few hundred pounds, will prove to be a shrewd investment in both the short and long term.

What permanent make-up benefits can I expect for my appearance?

Enhanced: Permanent make-up will give you a polished look that will enhance your natural beauty and draw admiring glances from family, friends who will wonder how you manage to look refreshed and unflappable, no matter what situation you are facing. Youthful: Keeping the years at bay can be an ongoing battle, whether that’s trying to reverse the signs of ageing from the inside out by leading a healthy lifestyle or lathering our skin with anti-ageing creams that promise to have you drinking from the fountain of youth in no time. Some women have even contemplated going under the knife in a bid to restore their youth. Permanent make-up procedures using micro-pigmentation can help to wind back the clock in an instant, leaving you feeling full of vitality.

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