Choosing the Right Practitioner

Choosing the right practitionerChoosing the right practitioner to carry out your permanent make-up procedure is essential to ensuring that you get a professional and timely service that fully meets your needs.

The process of applying permanent make-up requires years of expertise and a high level of attention to detail – both qualities that are demonstrated by our experienced micro-pigmentation specialist Caron.

Finding a practitioner that you feel comfortable will also help to ensure that you are fully able to communicate the desired outcome you want to achieve from your permanent make-up procedure, as well as helping you to feel fully relaxed and confident during all stages of treatment.

Choosing the right practitioner – What factors should I consider?

There are number of factors to consider when choosing the right practitioner for your permanent make-up procedure, and conducting thorough research is just one of the ways to help you make a fully informed decision.

Training and qualifications: Permanent makeup procedures require advanced skills to achieve the best results; as a result the practitioner you decide upon should be able to show you certificates to demonstrate their credentials.

Certain practitioners may also have individual areas of expertise, which means they can bring an additional level of skill to particular permanent make-up procedures. In addition to her 20 years of experience carrying out micro-pigmentation procedures for surgeons both private and within the NHS in areas including Aylesbury Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Features for Life micro-pigmentation specialist and features director Caron Vetter has taken a course in Paramedical tattooing in America and was one of the first in the UK to provide Areola Restoration.

Licensing: Whether a practitioner is working across one or a number of clinics, they should carry a licence approved by the local authority which means that they have met health and safety standards and are licensed to carry out micro-pigmentation procedures using needles.

Testimonials:  The best practitioners will be able to provide you with glowing testimonials from string of satisfied customers. If you want an extra layer of reassurance ask if you can get a verbal testimonial that supports the written one.

The opportunity to ask questions: To ensure that you are 100% ready to go ahead with your permanent make-up procedure, and are armed with all the information you need it is important that you get the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with your practitioner. At Features for Life we offer a free, no-obligation consultation with our experienced micro pigmentation specialist Caron, where you can have all of your questions and queries addressed and devise a Semi Permanent make-up procedure that will help you achieve your dream look. During the after-care procedure Features for Life staff are also only a phone call away and would be happy to answer any concerns you may have.

Choosing the right practitioner – Why you should look beyond price

While finding a practitioner who can carry out a permanent make-up procedure that falls within your budget is essential, choosing the right practitioner on price alone could prove to be a costly mistake – especially if the procedure is not carried out to a standard you are happy with.

It also doesn’t naturally follow that an expensive procedure will lead to a better quality of service, so it is important to trust your gut instincts when you consult with your potential practitioner. Do they have a professional and detailed website? How many procedures have they carried out over the past week or month? These and other questions will help you arrive at the correct decision for you.

When choosing the right practitioner look no further than the team at Features for Life