A complete guide to semi-permanent make-up procedures for Alopecia and how we can help to restore definition to your eyes and eyebrows following hair loss.

AlopeciaFor many women having a full set of eyelashes and thick, shapely eyebrows can help to frame and open up their eyes, giving them a refreshed look no matter how tightly packed their schedule.

However, as up to 13% of women are expected to suffer from alopecia before they reach the menopause, some women may find themselves turning to eyebrow pencils and eye-liners to fill in the gaps left by their hair loss.

For women with modern, busy lifestyles this kind of regular daily maintenance can take precious time out of their day and this is where semi-permanent make-up procedures for Alopecia could provide the perfect solution.

Using micro-pigmentation procedures including semi-permanent eye liner and semi-permanent eyebrows can help to restore both colour and shape to your eyebrows and eye line; helping to restore you natural beauty.

What are the benefits of Alopecia treatment?

Women who have suffered from sudden hair loss as a result of Alopecia may receive a knock to their self-confidence and feel self-conscious about their appearance, as hair can be one of our most defining features.

Semi-permanent make-up procedures for Alopecia will use micro-pigmentation to give your eyebrows a full, well-defined appearance that will sit naturally with your existing features.

A semi-permanent eyeliner procedure can also help to take your new look a step further outlining your eyes in shades of brown or black, to make your eye colour really stand out and leave you looking and feeling more youthful.

As semi-permanent Makeup procedures for Alopecia can last for up to two years, you can ensure that your flawless look will stay in place, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Alopecia treatment: What can I expect from the procedure?

Our fully qualified and experienced micro pigmentation specialist Caron will guide you through every step of your semi-permanent make-up procedure for Alopecia, starting with our free no-obligation consultation.

Here Caron will talk your through out range of colour pigments, and work with you to create a colour blend that perfectly matches your needs.

During your consultation Caron will also discuss size and shape options for your semi-permanent makeup procedure, as well as showing you a range of before and after pictures from previous procedures to give you a visual idea of the results you can achieve after your treatment.

The procedure will take place in two parts with each session lasting between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

Caron will carry out your semi-permanent make-up procedure for Alopecia in our dedicated treatment room, and will apply a topical anaesthetic cream to numb the area to be treated, as well as soothing antiseptic cream after the procedure.

To ensure that you have everything you need to care for the treated area, you will be provided with a sachet of Vaseline and aftercare sheet.

Your top-up procedure will then be booked for 4-6 weeks after your first session, and if you have any questions during the aftercare stage simply call the Features for Life team during office hours and we will be more than happy to answer your questions and queries.

What experience does Caron have in carrying out alopecia treatments?

Caron has 20 years of experience carrying out micro-pigmentation procedures for surgeons both private and within the NHS in Aylesbury and beyond, and also draws on her training in Paramedical tattooing in America to ensure that all Features for Life clients achieve fantastic results from their alopecia treatment.

How much does an alopecia treatment cost?

Your semi-permanent make-up procedure for Alopecia will leave you feeling confident in your appearance and help you feel ready to face the world once again. Prices start at £350.

If you are looking to restore colour and shape to your eyebrows and eye line with an alopecia treatment, contact the Features for Life team today.

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