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Features for Life Micropigmentation in Aylesbury

At Features for Life we aim to transform the lives of  our clients using the wonders of micropigmentation – a process that doctors, nurses, surgeons, radiologists and specialists have recognised produces dramatic results in areas such as vitiligo, scar camouflage, areola restoration, hair line enhancement and ‘marking the spot’ in radiotherapy.

Drawing on the services of our skilled practitioner Caron Vetter, and making use of state-of-the-art equipment here at Features for Life we aim to provide a service that is both professional and safe, causing the minimum trauma to our clients while achieving the maximum results from their procedure.

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Why choose micro-pigmentation?

Micro-pigmentation delivers fantastic results whether it’s to define your features as you age, to save you time at the start of a busy day or to give you long-lasting, flawless looking make-up that stays in place whether you are swimming, sunbathing or simply going about your day.

Celebrities are also enjoying the benefits of micro-pigmentation, with a host of actresses and singers turning to permanent make-up to give them a polished look year-round.

Features for Life: Our Services

At Features for Life we provide a range of cosmetic tattooing and medical treatment procedures with perfect results which can be achieved in two sessions a month apart!

Cosmetic tattooing

Semi Permanent Lip Liner: Whether you want a modest correction to your lip line, a full sensual pout or simply to add a touch of colour to your lips Caron can use semi-permanent makeup to make your lips speak volumes for you.

Semi Permanent Eyeliner: Caron uses semi-permanent makeup to give you larger eyes and thicker lashes, which will only add to your appeal. As an added bonus semi-permanent eye makeup means no more smudging when you’re swimming, taking part in sports or watching weepy films.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows: 70% of women use a brow pencil to try and create a natural looking eyebrow, or to fill in sections where hair is missing. Following treatment with Caron, you can throw those tweezers away.

Your enhanced brows will be perfectly shaped and guaranteed to look completely natural.

Medical tattooing

Areola Restoration: After reconstructive surgery micro-pigmentation can help to provide the ‘finishing touch’ on a long and fraught journey for many women. Caron will use micro-pigmentation to create or colour the areola, helping to disguise scarring and improve the appearance of your areola.

Scar Camouflage: Around a year after the scar has healed; Caron can use pigments to match the scar to the colour of the surrounding skin in a blending effect.

Cleft Lip Reconstruction: The appearance of a cleft lip can be dramatically improved with micro-pigmentation. Caron will use medical tattooing to create a balanced shape and camouflage scars, giving your lips fullness and definition.

Burns: Once burnt skin has healed, or a year after any skin graft work, Caron can use micro-pigmentation to camouflage or blend colour to existing skin tones.

Ultimately at Features for Life we measure success based on our most important information, what our clients say.

Call us now to find out how micro-pigmentation can change your life!

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Well-defined eyebrows can help to frame your eyes and face, giving you that sought-after ‘groomed’ look all year round.

Semi-Permanent Eye Liner

This can help give your eyes a wider and more refreshed look, winding back the years and helping you to feel youthful and vibrant.

Semi-Permanent Lip Liner

A pair of sensual and full lips can help to bring your facial features into balance, as well as giving you a more youthful appearance.

Breast & Areola

Everything you need to know about a nipple tattoo procedure and how this can create or restore your areola.


A complete guide to treatments for alopecia and how they can help to restore definition to your eyes and eyebrows following hair loss.

Cleft Lip

Everything you need to know about cleft lip reconstruction and how it can help to give balance and shape to your lips.